Supporting our Cultural Services and Library

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Cultural Services Library Spruce Grove

When it comes to Cultural Services in Spruce Grove, we have to do more. We have to support our arts, our heritage, our history and even our future for the city. The library and our cultural services are so deeply ingrained into what Spruce Grove is, it’s a shame that we don’t do more. Let’s look at what they do.

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Cultural Services

For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cultural services is the events we have in our city. The Tour of Alberta is a great example of the calibre and strength of our city when it comes to putting on international events.

Canada day is a wonderful example of an annual festivity that we all come out for every year and it is second to none for our nation’s birthday celebration. I even have friends that come from the city every year to our party because of the convenience and scale of it in one place- food, vendors, music, fireworks- it has it all!


But there’s more to our cultural services than just events.

We have our performing arts and the Allied Arts Council that is 36 years strong. The goal of our arts council is to make the arts more accessible and available to the public. The markets this summer and the first “Rock the artwalk” were great successes and I’m sure more are planned for next year. I picked up a mug and a wonderful piece of art this summer from two local artists. I see more art purchases in my future. I have concerns about the lack of public art around the city so I hope we can take this on as an initiative and have more public art on display (outside) around our city.

And of course we have the Horizon Stage and it’s wonderful stage performances throughout its season. Who hasn’t performed at the Horizon Stage or been there for an event or two? It’s a wonderful place but are we ready for a new theatre that can seat more than a couple of hundred people? Many think it’s time and it would be interesting to see if it could be incorporated into the multi-purpose event plan.


With our cultural services, we have the Spruce Grove & District Agriculture Heritage Society that houses our archives and keeps our history alive, including the grain elevator and water tower. The events they put on there every summer including the Farmer’s markets are fun and family friendly events that you should definitely check out.


One of my most favourite spots when I was a kid growing up in Spruce Grove was the library. My three siblings and I would ride with our mom to the library and we’d pick out our new books to read for the next couple of days. We all loved to read and my memories of heading to the library to read and other programs make me smile.

Everyone deserves those memories.

The library is #outofspace, and it needs either a new home downtown or another location. Is Spruce Grove big enough for another library? I believe so. The library is the heart and soul of any town or city. It’s the great equalizer too- providing access and opportunity to all.


The programs available to all children is necessary and life changing in many instances. We have a wonderful summer reading program here and I know many children and even adults who enjoy the library a lot.

A library is so much more than books- they are places to gather, to learn, to access the internet, to write exams, to print and to get help. This has to be supported and supported fully.

As someone who works at a university, the value of a library and the staff is understood very well and how much they do for a community. They are the stewards of information, keeping up with technology changes and the rapid way we now get our information. Let’s support them in their growth as the city grows, too.