Staycation in Spruce Grove: What does it look like?

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Staycation in Spruce Grove
 If you had to list ten activities you can do in the City of Spruce Grove at any given time, could you do it? If you decided to take a ‘staycation’ and stay home, what would you explore in and around the city?
Those are the questions I want to know! Often, we neglect to explore our own city, believing we have to go into Edmonton to take part in any type of social activity. But there is a lot going on in Spruce Grove and there seems to be more and more events every weekend, put on by our City Centre Business Association, the Chamber of Commerce and other associations here in the city. It’s great!
But could we do more? Are the activities we have now enough? Can we attract people to Spruce Grove and can we keep our residents here should they choose to stay home for a weekend or a few days.
Let’s explore what more we’d like to see!
Check out my video for summer and winter activity ideas for the ultimate “Staycation” in Spruce Grove on my Facebook page.

Summer Activity Ideas for Spruce Grove

  • Overnight camping in the park with kids . Imagine Jubilee Park or one of the other larger parks filled with tents of families camping out for the night? How much fun would this be? One of the other Edmonton suburbs does this and it’s a huge hit. It’d be great to do this one or two times throughout the summer.
  • Let’s have a street festival! Let’s bring a fun time to downtown Spruce Grove and enhance the public market atmosphere that is already engaging our residents! We could have a market, buskers, local musicians and one heck of a downtown party with beer tents and hopefully a night street party of some sort.
  • Bring on the night market. I think it’s great that Parkland has several night markets. The atmosphere is so different at them and it makes for a really interesting date night! Our farmer’s markets and public markets are doing really well so why not continue to capitalize on their success? Let’s support initiatives like this for our local business community.
  • Let’s have movies in the park! Have we ever had movies in the park put on by the city? I know that every year, Grove Cruise puts on a movie on the Saturday night and it goes over well. Can we do more of them? Hard to believe that so many residents have never experienced the thrill of a drive-in movie. Let’s have them experience it. We could have two movies- one for the kids and a later one for the adults. What an amazing date night!

Winter Activity Ideas for Spruce Grove

  • We have some decent sized hills in Spruce Grove. Let’s take advantage of them in winter and offer a winter carnival. The hills could be used for toboggan races, or ski races (they’d be really quick). Surely we could build some fun out on our hills and do so safely.
  • As part of a winter carnival, we can use our downtown amenities. The park is already flooded for ice skating. Can we go further and maybe flood some of the trails in Heritage Park so we can experience the park entirely differently in the winter? How fun would it be to skate through a park? It’d be great to have markets set up right next to the skating rink, where vendors could set up with their wares and some could offer the skater hot chocolate.
  • There’s something so magical about Christmas. Why not have sleigh rides through our downtown? I’d be up for some Christmas shopping from the convenience of a sleigh!
  • We are a winter city. The possibilities of what we can do are endless. From increasing our cross country ski tracks to igloo building contests, let’s just get out there in winter and have some fun!
 Many of the ideas are partnership opportunities with local non-profit associations and small business. Let’s help create the opportunities for our local business to reach the community. And we can do it having a little fun, too!