October 2017 Councillor Update

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The October 2017 update is the first of these monthly posts I will do regularly. These monthly posts will summarize what I’ve been up to in the past month. It will not include everything that council has been doing as other councillors will be sure to share their updates as well. These updates will be from my point of view as to what happened at council meetings and committee of the whole meetings, what I have been up to for the month and any pieces of information I feel you should have that isn’t quite worth it’s own blog post.


Did you vote? The election was Monday, October 16th and from the indication of the advanced polls, we could expect a good turn out.  Polls were busy at a few of the locations with people Line up vote election Spruce Grovelined up out the door to vote. We increased the voter turnout by 6% and that is a good increase considering our population growth in the last 4 years. Those I spoke to felt there was a lot more awareness about the municipal election, especially with so many candidates out door knocking and having a strong social media presence. I voted at the Alliance Chuch and I could barely contain myself when I saw just how long the line-up was!Spruce Grove municipal election voted

Of course, the biggest news for me was election night! What a night! It felt like it took forever for the results to come in! While I was confident I would be successful, especially after the first poll came in, I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched so I held in until all six polls came through. How times have changed though- at my campaign party, all of us were glued to personal devices constantly refreshing the page waiting for results. At one point, my mom’s head was on the kitchen table, her unable to handle the stress of waiting of for the outcome.

As we know, I finished third and I was absolutely thrilled with my numbers.

Here is the breakdown of the now official 2017 Spruce Grove Municipal elections results:


Stuart Houston 5,371
Dan Doornekamp 1,631

Aldermen (now Councillor)

Dave Oldham 4,712
Searle Turton 4,240
Erin Stevenson 2,837
Wayne Rothe 2,827
Michelle Gruhlke 2,757
Chantal MacKenzie 2,563

Reid MacDonald 2,478
Stephanie Chard 2,475
Jan Gillett 2,418
Ed McLean 2,344
Bill Stein burg 2,294
Owen Garrett 1,910

If you’d like to see the official results, The City of Spruce Grove website has the election history as well as the 2017 election results.

I do want to congratulate my fellow councillors who were successful and to those who didn’t make it this year— a big congrats for having the guts to put your name in the race and to run. We ran great campaigns and the city is better for it.

Inaugural Meeting- October 23rd

The inaugural meeting of council was on the 23rd, short but we got a couple of things done right away. First, we were all sworn-in as Aldermen.  One by one each of us took the oath of office and took our place at the council table. All of us had our families there, a proud moment for each of us, regardless of whether it was our first time on council or our eighth.Swearing In 2017 Erin Stevenson

The one order of business is one I am very proud of as I campaigned hard on it. And I’m even more happy to note that the vote to change our title from “Alderman” to the gender neutral and modern title of “Councillor” was unanimous. Administration had our nameplates ready with the title of Councillor and I’m happy to have only been an Alderman for all of ten minutes and that we were able to do this change so quickly. It puts us on the right path to being a more inclusive and progressive council that better reflect the make up of our community.My family

Orientation and Training and Team Building

It felt like the minute I was elected, the work to get up-to-speed began. October Orientation meetings for the new council started on the 20th and haven’t stopped. Just this month we’ve had orientation and training sessions on governance, corporate planning and finance, pay and benefits, met with the City Manager and had a team building retreat! The amount of information is mind boggling (I think my master’s degree prepared me for the amount of reading I have to do in a very short period of time) and the staff prepared a ton of documents in easy-to-understand formats for us. Two huge binders started us off and I’m sure there’s much more to come.

We are all set up with emails so you can reach me at my city email now.


I attended the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards on October 14th as a representative of the city, even though I * technically* wasn’t sworn in yet. What an amazing event. Our council got to present the award for the Business of the Year to Can-Am Media Econo Lube. Congrats to all of the winners.

And happy Hallowe’en!