Making Downtown a Destination

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Making Downtown A Destination- Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove has made the revitalization of the downtown a priority. Working alongside the Downtown Business Association, a vision is emerging of what the city core can and should look like.

Check out my video on my Facebook page about downtown revitalization and making our core a destination.

Making the Downtown Core Active

The changes were seeing just in terms of drawing people into the core is palpable. I’ve attended three market events this summer and each time it has been absolutely packed. The desire to meet and explore our own city’s offering is obvious and I’m glad we’ll continue to push for the redevelopment and bring even more opportunity to the core.

I think there is also a lot of opportunity for discussion on what residents would like to see in our core. Of course, the more events the better and I’d love to see some year-round events so we embrace our winter season as much as our summer.

I’ll be curious if we ever consider permanently shutting down one of the side streets off McLeod so we can weekly events too- smaller markets, festivals, performers etc.

Patios and Food Trucks and More!

If that were to happen, wouldn’t it be great to have a nice outdoor patio? I’d love to see more patios everywhere downtown. I’m more likely to go downtown, to ride my bike and meet up with girlfriends if I have a place to go. An outdoor patio for food and drink will do that!

And I’d love to be part of an organizing committee to do a regular food truck festival. We have a number of food trucks here (and we could surely invite a few from out of town) to join us as a downtown food truck festival. The city of Edmonton has several “What the Truck” festivals throughout the summer and they’re very popular.

As the city and the association continue to revitalize the downtown, input is always welcome. What would you like to see in the heart of the city?