December 2017 Councillor Update

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Merry Christmas from City Council

Welcome to the December 2017 Councillor update. You know the drill!

December 11, 2017 Council Meeting

Hey all,
As we’re all nearing closer to the holidays, Council meets one last time before we take a break (and this year, with the election, a much needed break!). As always, I encourage you to attend council meetings should any of the agenda items be of interest to you.Singers Merry Christmas from City Council

Highlights from this agenda:

1. Distinguished service award- Recognition of long-time serving Aldermen- Bill Kesanko and Bill Steinberg (AUMA)
2. Certificate of recognition to Grove resident Brad Mastaler
3. New Board appointments and re-appointments
4. Westview Dementia Community Support collaboration project
5. Reports on the status of community sport and recreation organizations in the city
6. Two public hearings:
A. Heritage Estates area restructure plan amendment (ARP)
B. Text amendment- Deer Park stage 7
7. Bylaw readings: (LOTS!!)
A. Hawthorne Lifestyle and Hawthorne Lifestyle
B. Deer Park Stage 7 redistricting
C. Legacy Park redistricting
D. Tonewood redistricting
E. Text Amendment- Jesperdale Stage 8 and 10
8. Policy- cemetary policy

The full agenda can be viewed at