Community of Choice? Why do you live in Spruce Grove?

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Why Spruce Grove

In my role as a Marketing Manager, I’m constantly looking for the “why” in my job, including why you should purchase this product I’m marketing to you. As a candidate, I’m marketing myself and hoping to be a representative for the city and market the city to others.

If we are to step back a moment and look at the elevator pitch I would market to someone about Spruce Grove, what would that look like? What makes Spruce Grove the ‘Community of Choice’ and why do you choose to live in Spruce Grove?

Check out my video on why I live in Spruce Grove and what I’d focus on if I had to market the city on my Facebook page.

Why Spruce Grove?

Some of us grew up here and have stayed. Others have moved here as their choice of city. Some people, like myself, grew up here, moved away, and then moved back!

Do we live here because of the lower property taxes? The local businesses? Friends and family?

I’m curious as to why you choose Spruce Grove.

Listing the Reasons

I chose to move back to Spruce Grove in 2013 for a number of reasons.

  1. My family still lives out here as do a lot of my close friends. I was always driving from the city to Spruce for family dinners and get-togethers and hanging out with friends. My doctor, dentist, stylist and fitness studio is out here too. At some point I wondered why I wasn’t living here. Maybe it had to do with  me growing up in the city and thinking I had more to explore before setting down roots.
  2. A big one for me, and one I hear often from our younger residents who’ve moved here, is affordability. I could afford a house and a lot I wanted in Spruce Grove. As a single income household, I could not find what I wanted in the city without compromise. Spruce Grove afforded me this opportunity. Like many other young people who want to get into the housing market, Spruce Grove is cheaper and that’s important for all of us- to know that young people are buying houses (and maybe one day buying yours!).
  3. I knew I’d have a better connection to my neighbours and community. Right away, I met my neighbours from all sides and down the street and they’re all great people. We help each other out, we look out for each other when someone is away and that’s important to have. I didn’t have that in the city. In my 8.5 years of condo living, I had one neighbour I’d never met!
  4. Spruce Grove is a safe community. We have our issues for sure, but not to the extent and extreme that the larger cities do. People want to raise their kids in a safe community and Spruce Grove offers that. I don’t want to be scared that if I leave my door unlocked at night, that someone will walk in my house (I had this happen to me in my condo during the daytime. Scary stuff!). I want to feel safe to walk down my street at night or anywhere in Spruce Grove and feel safe.

There are many reasons I’m sure and we can all list why Spruce Grove is the community of choice. The important piece here is to keep that going. There’s room for improvement and those are issues we must address. But we can’t forget to celebrate what our city does right, too- as there are many!